Monday, September 12, 2016

Oakland Interzone

Head of the Estuary

 Man-made Monument Valley

 I go in places
where other Bohemians
fear to tread

 It has its rewards

 This would be a nice place
for a stick-up

 Vertical vision
outside again


 Neatly decorative
Veterans' Building
somewhat forlorn 
these days

Tiny the grass 

Pole dance 
in the park

 Of this eyesore and waste of space
 I disapprove,
Install play sculpture,
Insurance suit tells you 
it's a liability,
Put a fence around it and then
ignore it for years and years

 Into the garden
for replenishment

 Cool thy fevered brain

sunlight color
air and water
endless life forms

 Dry gardens
are charming as well

not to say

 Let's walk upright 
climb higher
and float away

 Over Saint Paul's tower,
homeward bound

Head of the Estuary

Lion gate


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