Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Busride into Twilight

Toothy grill
to meet the world

Strange days are on us
 migration turns to peregrination,
 Getting dark earlier and earlier,
September pulls away from
from the loading zone

 Girl on the 51 bus

 Brain candy 
for dull minds

 No hard-working dwarf 
feels happy underneath
a gynocracy

Berkeley where
the wild things are

 Underdog triumphant,
Ugly step-sisters
meet a separate fate

 I've instructed my butler
to order up a batch
of fresh ones

 Some root for the
Evil Queen,
others favor a troll named

 She wed a bestial husband,
 poor thing


 This country is
not ruled by queens

 Appointment in the Lorin

I'm a little early

Feral applique

This thing is in 2 1/2 dimensions
Strange street art even by Flaneurian standards,
Strips and brushstrokes blur

Picasso Popeye
thought to originated in
ancient Greece

Heading home

Summer's last sunset,
Phone pole
on Piedmont

Getting a little dense

I thought,
Eternity hangs over the cemetery
and started to drive-by the sky

Linda street hill coming down
past the school and the playing fields

Lady in stripes
She was sitting next to me on the bus,
I once told her
I thought she had style
She shaves her round head
 leaving French poodle puff of hair

Oakland's historic movie palace

The Grand Lake Theater

Sort of has a face tonight

20 September 2016

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