Saturday, September 10, 2016

Drive-by Telegraph Fast II

Just a drive-by simulacra
of sensory impressions
make of it what you may

You just crossed over onto

Leaving a gloomy town

Across the busy avenue
the cameras and
the tentacles

The sun comes out

Clinics and funeral homes
line the stretch along
Pill Hill

Islamic neighborhood
Mosque downstreet

Halal deli

Danish bakery
used to called Neldams's
my waistline doesn't go there

Old desolation row block

But the area is trending

Too late to get in
on the ground floor

Temescal hipster

Haunted hot doggery



of the future

The sun hides
behind clouds


Antique barn

The sun comes and goes

Willard School

This middle school  includes
a very commendable garden

Vampire Penguin?
even more twee than
Vampire Weekend

Dwight and Telegraph
Former location of
 Shakespeare's Books

Now a drive-by 
kinoscope cartoon

One of two dinosaur
record shops

OG Berkeley

Fighting the other
into extinction

Summer 2016

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