Friday, August 26, 2016

Uptown: Paramount Block


Had a gander at the old palace
dormant in daylight

 Oakland's dazzling
Paramount Theater

 Let's go

 Where's all my
squirrel nut zippers?

Oakland's Town Hall
everything from King Kong
with a raffle wheel and cartoons
to Bob Dylan and  Merle Haggard
sundry high school graduations


 Time-honored ticket booth,
Actually sold around the corner

 Escape from busy Broadway

 The California style,
a living world is our theme

 The glorious I Magnin building 
next door to the theater,
Recall shopping there with my ex

 Now the ground floor is home.
to Tierra Mia
an attractive cafe

 Exposed industrial ducts,
fealty to Spanish America's
coffee bean production,


 Impressive woodwork

Was here with a friend
not so long ago
the coffee and croisants
were great

Thomas L. Berkeley Way
multi bus-stop transit center

 Round back
always a roll of the dice,
new mural on top

 Here's comes 
the new cyber super center

The spooky UBER 
Something wicked
this way comes

August 2016

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