Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Licentious Poems


My brain has too many
moving parts
I pity the world
when I crunch numbers
A corridor of doors
crazy-glued locks
rock-candy skeleton keys
Statues and images
come to life
All sad stories do 
when darkness falls
A secret bookcase
under the stairs

bright cyclops headlights
phalanx fifty strong
pour off the highway

late night roving bikes
military exhaust pipes
loud music even

far canyons echo
their infernal combustion
terrorize the cops

salubrious scapegrace
smarting from slings and arrows 
stinging nettles
when they call themselves
the natives get it
in the neck

Walter Benjamin
first to observe
and remark
originates in

Notes in English 

owing to yr obloquy
I ought oblige you into
an oblong objet d'art
yr oath is oakum
you obfuscate in obeisance
to obscurantism 
an obdurate snob
 objective verse
 a pseudo-oboe in an
obscene side show
an objectionable oaf
assuming airs
an oblique angle
on obsolescence

after A. Rimbaud,
a Surrealist dictionary game
 I invented scored by usage 
from two pages en face
a OBoron

Unified Field Theory

sat in jar 
in a safety deposit box
since 1955,
Einstein's eyeballs
spooky action
at a distance

where someone
has moved in with me
I find that the window screen
has been replaced
and I remove it again
Mystery shrouds the new
room mate

maybe the same dream
in which a hummingbird
I had pronounced dead
comes back to life
when I soak it in water
Flies around my room

(Later he same day by chance
Facebook revived a photo
I posted  a few years ago
of a dead hummingbird)

the balmy swarmy moon
came and went
leaving the world
a shore with the tide gone out

hey, pretty mama,
the world done gone away

The Case of the
Antique Tiki

 Pagan god
a harsh rasp
and collapsed
in a pile of ash
aluminum dust
falling on a high
 intensity beam
of light


Stake out
from a remote location
the narco squad
draws near

That's not the moon
it's just
the Secret Police

I cover the water front
I'm watching the sea
So the copters and
the cameras
 are watching me

Dragnets  enslave
 the homes of the brave

Termite engineering
graffiti on exposed
soon to be reburied
in Chinatown dirt
Bones of an old sea-dog
pan out
Washed up in Oakland
Seedy cousins
sediment from
American stratification
human will versus
a highway of commerce
fait accompli
the sea rushes in

The Whales of Egypt
had small

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