Monday, August 29, 2016

A Splash in Crab Cove

Summer means fun
and I'm going to get my share

I asked her why she dressed
with twenty pounds of headlines
stapled to his chest

August 1946
World's first bikini bathing suit,
Named after the Atomic bomb
test at Bikini atol
This lovely French girl 
looks like just my type,
She'd be in her nineties today

 Crab Cove Nature Center

 Here and now

 Look where I'm going

Won't you come with?

 The water's not cold

 No boundary is fixed
on the boundless 
bounding sea

 Out on the rocks
a crane cranes his neck
curious about my bipedal


 Mystery lurks 

 There's the other way out

but let's stay in a while,
shall we?

 The money shot

 cue music from Jaws

 Something wicked
this way comes


 Salt water flying
 through sunlight,
essense of summertime

 Where did it go?

The tide recedes
 gulls fish the shoreline

There is one of these gray dears
I'm so very fond of

A dominant white
considers my
unusual presence

as I fall asleep 
weeds undulate
in the deep

A whirlpool
painted old school
crab claws fasten
my pince nez

  A Descent into the Maelstrom

August 2016

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