Thursday, August 11, 2016

Potted History of An Hysteria

Scripture tells us
gave to man
all plants bearing seeds

 Super Silver Haze
(clear sativa)
Honey Banana
(heavy hybrid)

Jesus was said to
"toke like a Rastafarian"
His humorous parables
were celebrated as astounding
Yet which none could remember
on the following cock's crow

Today may we consider cannabis
under a new grow-light

I take phantom 1oth street
to the etch-a-sketch portal

Making my way

Tagging in

The jury is still out
on this the USA's
 first museum show
devoted to cannabis

Louche dame
gets muggled up

Sculpture stoned people like

Entering plant life
herbal consciousness

can be somewhat

Nice to see a familiar face

Another one as well

Ben Franklin was an avid hash-eater

He waits for you
to don headphones

Then he speaks to you

A Worldwide figure
of inspiration and truth
to whom smoking ganja was
a sacred practice

Note the word "intellectuals"
on the wall label
Allen and Jack
literary treatments of  cannabis
provided me
with early affirmation
of my instinctive love of the herb

Exhibit A:
Association with
the imbelcilic
 of Cheech and Chong

When I think of  all the stoned
and thoughtful hours
I listened stoned to Miles
or read Jack Kerouac
I recall a satisfied mind
a life well-spent

It was always
an intellectual
"head trip" for me
with added enhancements
to sensuality and fun

of smoking

and edible ingestion

Reminds me that in the 1990s
Joey Know had the idea
to add an old metal hash pipe
to a history display here
showing a bus stop bench
in 60s Berkeley,
We did and photographed it
where it remained for years

looking like
the Dick he was

And who knew more
about all things cannabis
than this power-greedy

Just say

It's the Mom rules
her left eye suffering
her right eye stern
Unforgiving, ask Patti

Our current chief executive
enjoyed his Maui Wowie
regrette rien

How times have changed

Now we have dispensaries
many strains of reliably
superb herb,
a lightening after fifty years
of stepped-up deceit
and propaganda

God's gift to us
Peace and pain relief
enjoyment and health

There's a t-shirt,
A California Bear
hugging the State map
with heraldic pot leaves

Pleasure principle promises
huge commerce

How wistful she looks

In the middle of the gallery
most serious cannabis people
I have known dig healthy food

Tackiest of all are
these pervasive semiotics,
Mentioned this to a gallery guide
she said they were
determined to stay "neutral,"
To prominently feature
 the lying venality
  of  the DEA
of Big Pharma,
of the death drug industry
(booze and tobacco),
and of various ignorant
 repressive factions
is not what I regard as

Think I need
The chill room

Soft chairs
maybe a projection in a corner

Or total immersion
neural pathways
open up

What do you know?
You exit through
the gift shop

Follow the forgotton
furry freaks brothers

Felt a little
like I was being watched

Dude, is there a
chipmunk on my shoulder?

Funny I didn't see any
hoary old "reefer madness"
memorabilia on sale,
Can we forget that shit?

Cannabis users
enjoy lanterns,
Imagining morphisms

My constituency,
Me and Norman Bates

Lose yourself
in color movement
and form

We got the whole world
in our heads

The gift shop almost
seemed designed to appeal
to the stoned and tactile

I almost bought the t-shirt

Time to exit
the cannabis

The kids all seems
delighted by the experience
I got an enhanced
contact high from them

Jesus Icon card
with Dutch Treat
27% THC

7 August 2016

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