Monday, August 8, 2016

Mid-Summer Sidewalk Berkeley

 Shot on an IPhone
Appropriated on my phone

 What was it Country Joe sang?

 High all the time...

 Berkeley soldiers on
as a phoney symbol 
of what once was

 This is a Contra Costa scene
as seen on an official vehicle
visiting town

 This truck commemorates
a fallen service man

 Kooky sox are pop

 The venerable 
Chandler apartments
 still vacant after the fire


 Falling leaves and flames
harbingers of
 the Burning Man

 Street cat
thinks he's a pimp

Sucky cat socks/Love them
 a fetish of attraction
 and submission

 Have the young and trendy
really been listening 
to Joy Division for the past
fifteen years?
Or do they just like the design?


 Burning Man shrine
The Wicker man, 
the sacrificed,
the flaming tree

Survival on rough seas
odds on the Kon-tiki

July-August 2016


Glenn Ingersoll said...

I hear The Smiths in the grocery store. I see little kids wearing Ramones tshirts. It's more 80s than the 80s.

RAY MAN said...

The Ramones are more famous now
A Smiths reunion would be ponderous and huge