Monday, August 15, 2016

The Dark Side of Town


 This is what Summer
looks like this year

It grows dark
it grows dark

a large construction
slips in

The street seethes
as stealthy

Empty suits
await the gladiators 
of the law

The deserted lobby
a necessary formality

 The piano rarely played

I like to walk around
alone at night
with one

 Wearing ear-buds
exercises alone at night
in her own phantasmagoria
unaware of admirers

 Momentum mori

 Graffiti large
a nocturnal pleasure

 From there ye came etc.

 Out for a walk
at night
consciousness is a cut-up



 If you know the pass code

 You may enter 
the radioactive
housing mart

 Jesus chose His Apostles

 He didn't chose all those

 who campaign in His name

 Give Jesus a break
for Christ's sake

 Broken glass sails
of a worn-out hotel

In the night realm
the dark swan

  Even a life full of holes, a life of nothing but waiting,
is better than no life at all

Moroccan saying
Title of novel by Dris Charadi
A Life Full of Holes
Translated by Paul Bowles

 August 2016

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