Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Crawling through the Wreckage

God bless this bike

Be of good cheer and spread peace
come what may

 Imagine the moon and stars
on an rubbish can

lazy afternoon
the moment's stillness unzipped 
 a low red copter

Off it went on its tour

 Great profile
a modern container ship,

 Beefy brawny
The Port of O

 Tough ain't the word,
F___ing Invincible

Got muscle milk?

 What the hell?


 It's this new place
 maybe a tax-write-off
for a wealthy football star

 It's right next door 
to the supermarket
Boarded-up today
due to riot forecast

The sell clothes
under this logo

 They represent history
and.honor black leaders,
Malcolm X Mohamed Ali

My phone captures
made the abundant
sales staff  
somewhat nervous... 

 Not my kind of place
Six-foot men lurching about
the  ping-pong table outside,
Unconcerned for pedestrian
sidewalk struggles
This place apparently is connected
to the Lamborghini that
parks in the lot behind
Someone fabulously rewarded
for regularly going into

I predict either quirky faddism
incomprehensible to myself 
or closure in the foreseeably
near future.

What's this?

 Something imagined by
Stanley Kubrick for 2001
A date now fifteen-years past

 Just a classic racing Vette

 Always cool around here
a cool summer really


 Police parking 
 motorcycles only

Your compliance
ensures your safety

 What's that red rectangle?
looks like an Etch-a-Sketch

Still couldn't figure out
what it is 
A screen? a portal?
a black hole tube?

 I read recently
that for the Nation
to have killed his former mentor,
Ali must have acquiesced

Sunset patterns

 The edge of day,
Well here it comes

   Here comes the Night

July 2016

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