Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer in Chavez Park

Berkeley Marina

The Flaneur has haunted the Berkeley Marina forever,
I tend to call Chavez park the Marina as well
but it didn't actually exist 
when I first came ashore here

Cesar Chavez
fought for the rights
of migrant workers

The storied San Pablo bus
pulled over and a guy boarded
to fix the fare machine

By coincidence
the rendez-vous took place across 
from the EAST BAY RATS clubhouse

He did fast and efficient work
the proverbial dollar bill accordion

The graffiti murals 
around this part of town
are notably demented

I'm headed for a someplace
a more opulent section

Excuse me

University and San Pablo

Hand me my turban,

I'm out for fun
Note: Oakland claims to have coined this
slang superlative

A day beautiful and a bit brisk
Fog bank on the Golden gate

 The savage design
attracted my eye,
The driver looked nervous
Don't draw on me, partner

 I am a pilgrim
and a stranger
traveling through 
this wearisome land

Contemplating the frieze 
of green and dry weeds 
on a  sun-baked wall

dig the solitude


 Coming up around the bend

 Mount Tamalpais
The spindle on which
the San Francisco Bay turns

 Soon the fog
that steals through
the Gate

 Will besiege and then overtake
 the mythic mountain
between the bay and the Sea

 The chill atmosphere
of the open sea moves in
The breeze picks up
The choppy waters swell

 In turbulence

I'll say

3 August 2016

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