Tuesday, August 23, 2016

They're Back...

 Berkeley students
 and other assorted schooly youth,
I mean

Subterranean homesick blues

In back of the real

 The garden of earthly delights,
Heaven and Hell


 The shrine of the burning mind

You can loosen thy 

But keep your socks
pulled up

 Players on the playa,
 Don't lose your mind 
or your behind

 Some palm trees
are too damn tall

 This is the Elmwood
it was formerly
my section of town

Morning Glory
 Gardens abound

ascend toward
the moon


 Coastal California
money in the bank

 Yosemite Sam
 shot up the place
and he made off
with the gold

Ve are ze robots

 Automotive fantasy,
Endless traffic on
on Ashby

 Really a no-nonsense
kind of town


 Back when books were king 
the majority of people you met
on Berkeley sidewalks
would know who this was,
Dead nearly now twenty years

 Making room for more
student housing
on Center street

August 2016

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