Saturday, August 27, 2016

My Part of Town

See what going down
 around home base

Some of us catch the bus

Others demand a more 
elite mode of transportation


Red hot chili peppers
Old Oakland farmers market 
One Chinese lady bought all

Posing for a friend
Bound for a restaurant
around the corner called
The Fat Lady



 Puns defeat intention

graffiti mural




 Industrial design


 Mirror World


 Private Festivities
aboard the Potomac

Same sex wedding
if I'm not mistaken

Mother of the groom
watching for some no-show

 They held departure 
as long as they could,
palpable nervousness


 Abundant refreshments 
were rolled aboard,
Not a big crowd,
a handful of young men,
 some older family members

 Today the Potomac
flies the Rainbow Flag,
with it's own honor guard

 Backing up,
backing up,
nearly to Alameda

There they go 

As Sherlock Holmes would say,
I wish them joy

 Look who came over,
 I find these grey gulls
quite attractive

 August 2016

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