Saturday, October 8, 2016

Prayer and Healing

In the vicinity of  Children's Fairyland
They once had a functioning
 US Post Office for kids

The Flaneur's chassis has been 
aching a bit more than usual,
took a day of rest and quiet

 Fell in love with a date palm

 Went into Christ the Light

 Knelt down and I prayed


 Lamb of God
You Take away the sins of the earth
Have mercy on me

Come up to the Altar

 The communism 
of mysticism


While all else falls to ruin
 Faith sustains

 Canonization of our latest saint

After I shot this
I saw a sign prohibiting
all photography and recording
of all kinds

Would Jesus delete
the previous photo?

 I took one more 
on the outside of the shrine,
A nun of St Theresa's order 
passed by

 Next thin I knew
I was across the estuary 
looking back

 Strange marking on the bottom
left by a civilization
 as yet unknown

Through the looking glass
fountains of Fairyland

 Civilization comes right up
to the edge

 The usual suspects down at the pier
a motley crew indeed

 For those who gave their lives
in the war for oil

 Mesmerizing reeds
in the gentle breeze

 Everyone loves pumpkins

 I know I do


5 October 2016

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