Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Beatnik Halloween III

The Wizard of Anarchy

My oldest Berkeley haunts
refurbished ever anew

The Beat Generation arose
as a ray of existential hope
out of the post-WWIII nihilism
The Punks were the Beats
 for a different yet 
all-too-similar era,
elements of neo-dada
 faux-naive arte brute

Green Fairy
on BART train

Need a sun umbrella
 to preserve my skull

Into the swanky 
21st Century 

Mountain dwarf warlock
riding the 51B,
Berkeley welcomes the weird
or at least it used to

Trad Hallowe'en

Candy holiday numero uno
followed by Xmas, Easter,
 St Valentine's
and the July the Fourth

Inside Boss Robot
cybernetic inventory control

Art of the First Nation

A recent story about polar bears outside
a remote research station in Scandinavia:
No longer able to hunt due to absent ice islands
the bears stalk the station,
killing and eating one of two dogs,
a big female sleeps by the door,
They had to be airlifted
more flares and more dogs to
 keep the hungry bears at bay

Hallowe'en greeting cards
Who needs them when you can DIY
disturbing mail art instead?

Well, I'm a human fly
I spell F-L-Y,
The Cramps were to Hallowe'en
what Der Bingle was to Xmas

Now that's the spirit I seek
 animistic panic

Oblique animal eyes
Evolutionary entanglement

I generally support
 the Centrist candidate,
so I'm casting my vote
 for the cow skull

We want  to see
the first lady president
one of us


Bestial urges 
emerge from the 
canine brain

Into the soft shark tank
for most of us

Ah well,
let's turn the corner
when the traffic will allow

On to Russell street
quotidian today--al fresco cafe,
lurking squad car,
But come the 31st
this here's October Country

Maybe a nice horchata latte
 with cannabutter caramel?

raising Punk rockers 
for generations,
It has to do with the dysphoria
induced by income inequality

We start them young,
one big happy 
Adams family

I like to put on a glow
for the haunted holidays

Selfie photo-op

These days we're a long way 
from People's Park Power,
Is this mess
the best photo in that book?

And I got yr little dog too

And so we close our tour
for eye-candy,
Tracing uncanny tap roots
for a cheap frisson

The Elmwood
October 2016

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