Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beatnik Halloween IV: HELLAWEED

The East Bay welcomes
the haunted holidays

Delirium anticipated

What is it?

Doctor Strange 

 Calling out around the world
Bringing on either Samhain
or samhainophobia

 If you lose your skin
you can always join
Los Muertos

Young cat on the 51A
had a tattoo behind his ear
like a psychedelic shadow

"It may come from the North,
it may come from the East,
 it may come from the West,
   it may come from the South,
and when  it does it's NEWS,
It's RAY Weapons with NEWS"

 New mural on Telegraph

Sixties theme park
shopping strip

 Asian hegemony
no signage in English

 Vampire pigeon english

Vampire Penquin
 Almost as lame as 
Vampire Weekend

When leaving a secure location
on telegraph Avenue,
check the sidewalk first

 Almost looks like a mail box

 I used to date a Beat chick
I'd show up on time and
she'd be wearing on her bathrobe
and some crazy socks

 The Creature

 Intrepid travelers

 It is,
it's a haunted mail box

 Those ridiculous hippies
disappeared without a trace
no lasting effect on society


 Patron of an organic kitchen
on Kitteridge

Going mobile

Parking for  
Motorcycle only

all propaganda 
no music,
I wish I was like you
easily misled

Expert on
foreign policy


What about her domestic policy?


Demented mail-box entity


Can't have enough
pumpkin shots

Sometimes I think
the police station
is watching me

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