Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Across October


 The Great Pumpkin

 Stroll away an afternoon
with the intrepid Flaneur,
an idle mind is a devil
of a workshop

The Flaneur is up here today,
Those are the hills that burned
The legacy of quaint homes
replaced by maximal barnage

This utility water tank
preserves a bit of openness
a habitat for the vulnerable

Doing the stroll
down a placid street
in Elmwood park

Fresh fuschia buds
for Fall

Berkeley flare
and filagree

Color score
my phone cam is using

A good citizen
gets his gourd on

Escape route

Still plenty of flowers
around here in October
wee iris abound

I want to get
all up in there
like a bumble bee

Slowly descending
from these dizzying
Redwood elevations

Into the bowl
of Berkeley

To grow an elephantine pumpkin
you grow a vine that covers an acre,
Then you cut all the pumpkins except one,
All the leaves on all the vines feed it

Lady on the bus
heading for Oakland

Flash car
Telegraph meets Broadway
reopened after a long dormancy

October 2016

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