Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Penetration Into the Temple


 ...into the temple...

 ....of art...

... and commerce

 The Gospel of Judas
informs us that Jesus
told him of God's plan
for his Sacrifice
and the role that Judas
had to play in it

 I'll leave it to you
to unpack that

 If you make the scene
The Flaneur recommends:

Sylvia Fein

The Berkeley Eye

 James Ensor
Moses in the bull rushes
of the Old Testament

 A Bay Area woman artist
painted this scene of Moses
presented to the Egyptian queen

 Erastus Salisbury Field
envisions the parting
of the Red Sea

Marsden Hartley
Temple of the imagination

 Duchamp said
it's only art for a short
time then it's art history

 These two works by Pat O'Neal
are among the only three images
in this post that would then 
qualify as works of art

Looks inviting but
no rest for the wicked

Mark Rothko
Sit here in front
of a color portal
of fathomless depth

 Bruce Conner
some deal where people
lay on photo paper

 Gordon Onslow Ford
a kind and giving gentleman
I once had the fortune to visit with

Wolfgang Paalen
of the Surrealist Movement

 Joan Brown-Rat Dog
Mascot of Rat Bastard artists

 Feral zen
like me

 Jay deFeo
my heroine who said,
Nevermind the Expressionism
she was at heart a Symbolist

Rene Magritte 
Surrealist and subversive

 Franz Kline
my favorite Abstract-Expressionist,
 Although this one wouldn't be
the one I'd select from his catalogue raisonne,
a little too business

 The world as the body

 This looked almost-black on black
a Velvet Underground LP jacket

 Ray Johnson
original gangster
mail art icon

Reginald Marsh
"Barrel of Fun"
A coney island of the mind
 (phrase by Henry Miller not LF)

 Philip Guston
here he comes...

...and there he goes

he always brings it

 James Ensor
Symbolist oceanic nocturne

 Do they know what this 
stairwell is like... the well-medicated?
Being in a Stanley Kubrick film

The fantastic elevator
I'll ride it one day

 Some patriotic

 Bruce Conner

I spent some time with him as well,
The head librarian in North Beach
who took a film course with Bruce
described him as
"the Norman Bates of the
 San Francisco art scene"

 The fractured clock says 
it's time to move on

 Look for a blue-green exit sign
in the monochromatic stairwell

 UC is building this monstrosity
right next door

6 October 2016

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