Friday, October 7, 2016

Calligraphy and Caligula

 An exhibit of calligraphy
by a former White House

 Yum yum,
Mama don't allow no 
food insecurity round here

 Oh look, the menu 
for a naked luncheon
with his own kosher butcher,
Pity no small bones
were lodged in the Char

Compliments of
Barbara Bush

 Won't it be great
to have old Ma and Pa Clinton
back in Lincoln Bedroom
after all these years

 They feed big

Old sea doggerel

"Never a ship sails out of a bay but carries my heart as a stowaway"


"A storm always awakens whatever passion there is in me"

Librarian's thought balloon

Exhibit on the fifth floor
of the Berkeley Public Library

October 2016


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Have you noticed the "calligraphy" that's been the backdrop of the prez and vp debates? It's a font, not calligraphy at all. Sad!

RAY MAN said...

Second rate digital graphics, no doubt---I have had mercy on myself and only have glancing contact with the campaign...I cook make art and write,listen to radio and read at home or look at image-captures on a non-internet machine....I know I ll have to endure a future with one of these two gruesome individuals as president