Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Indigenous Mexican Columbus Day


be a gathering

Come along
Little Faun

Down by the old wigwam

Get your dance ceremony
threads together

Raiments of every stripe
raiments of a thousand storms


it's all in the dance

Here the dancers come

I would be like this young man
were I his age 
and join the circle

One dance
all people

I was down the same way
the very next day

  The house that Buddhadharma built


 The United States Post Office
 Berkeley California

 Down at Civic Center park

 More festivity
  locally grown
and in season

 A ballroom dance party
South of the border style


 Bench with vintage Xmas toys
nothing's odd any more

Fanciful hats 
for women and children

 Recorded music was being played
as a band was setting up


I cut a few steps my self
then made for the trail
 I had other fish to fry

 I didn't even get to see
the traditional girls dance

 Sidewalk stencil
designates Jerry Garcia
also locally grown

 Goes to make you proud
Europeans discovered this place

 A nearby knot of cloud
caught my eye

 I leaned out to look
as evening was coming on
like a slow-acting drug

 A day
 a jewel stone

Hey ho, 
Christopher Columbus 


 It was off to Alameda again
From this point
you can see San Francisco
in an envelope of chilly air

 The beach was sun-drenched 
but the breeze pestered one a bit,
 Drowsed in a make-shift shelter
an enormous tree stump

 I'm moving to Alameda
for my retirement
Berkeley sidewalks 
are a war zone

 Pumpkin patch abstract

8, 9, 10 October 2016

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