Friday, October 21, 2016

Another Yesterday

At the bottom of the sky
the City by the Bay

Rather perfect weather on Thursday,
needed some rest so I migrated
to where I can relax best

 I always feel like
 I'm in a San Francisco movie
even though these days I only go over
to walk along the shore

 There it be
under yon tree

 Providing solace
to the old and lonely,
to the young and growing

 Tamalpais ridge 
in its entirety hovering
over the Alameda marina

 Not many people 
but everyone seems happy here

right down on the water

 Waves fold themselves
over and over
providing peace

 Comes the time
to wash the sand
off of one's skin

 Many of these birds
now profuse and abundant
won't even come to a doggy beach
even when the dogs aren't there

As I took this shot
I was startled to see a big dog
tied there and sitting quietly
staring at the water where his owner swam,
She returned 
curvaceous in a revealing bathing suit 
And took him down to the water
and let him off lease to run about,
I dig dogs but this is a wild habitat, baby

I dig curvaceous girls too,
so I didn't say anything
but she noticed my disapproval

Bus stop is a few blocks
from the beach
I wait sitting in soft weeds
leaning on this picket fence


Time again to hit the pavement
and lean back toward my own
figurative white picket fence

At night the window
stayed open wide

Subtle descent

Tribune Tower
double reflection
in Police headquarters,

Hammond organ and drums
 live on KPFA

20 October 2016

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