Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Beatnik Halloween II

a term favored today by the chattering class 
to label young alternative conformists,
Originally referred to pre-Beat Generation jazzbos
Burroughs called them "hipster be-bop junkies" 
mocked by "the hippies"
an identification much mocked itself
So after Punk, Hip-hop, Grunge
and Beat Generation revival fatigue,
Called the White Negro by Mailer,
The term Hipster back in town

 Phantom apartment building,
rebuilt after a fire
it remains vacant

The Flaneur was on the first 6 bus to be re-routed
when the First Congregational church caught fire recently,
Came up Dwight detour just as the cops were setting barriers on Dana,
It looked like an active shooter scene video,
After a stop at Patient's Care Collective I decided
to walk back downtown and saw the thick billowing smoke
as I crossed Dana on foot

Beyond its worship schedule,
First Congregational is used primarily as a classical music venue,
also for left-leaning lectures and the usual community church activities,
and for a thrift store which is where I understand the fire may have started
I have spent many hours there listening to Philharmonia Baroque
and countless visiting early music artists
The building complex comprises a beautiful architectural asset
and naturally the city is rallying to rebuilt whatever was lost


 Berkeley loves Halloween
everybody's high

 Looks awfully  familiar
my fellow nocturnambulist


 No worry beads

 The wolf must be allowed to howl
Man will have to atone for his sins

 No exit
no escape

Let them eat

Oogle these googles


 Beneath the sidewalk
 Underground Berkeley

Ghostly reflections
on Berkeley Way

Enormous flower
outside of an eye-catching
haunted house

 At night spectral figures
roam beneath vague high ceilings
and attempt to serve eviction papers

They're here

October 2016

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