Saturday, October 15, 2016

First Rain in Six Months

A rainy day is a momentous occasion
in October

 the night before rain

The clouds became
 geological formations
skyborne shards of quartz

 Strange things in the garden

It's the crew behind
a Festival of Lights

Rained out tonight

Reflective cut-outs
waiting for illumination

First rain
washes out leaves
tree debris 

(No comment)

Primordial mud

Nice day for ducks,
there's an unusual one

He's ginger

An attractive trio


They'll hang with geese
Coots keep to themselves
like crows and gulls
the gulls are in air show mode today

Monochromatic light


 White and black pelicans
shoulder to shoulder,
a discreet egret
no gulls at rest

 Green mossy tree
in light rain

Brother Frank

 Ah to retire undoors
with a classic,
to watch the rain sweep past

These days
the news is all bad all the time

California produces the finest wines
and the finest cannabis
in the world,
Console thyself

14 October 2017

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