Thursday, October 6, 2016

Beatnik Halloween I

Everybody knows and has known for a long time
Hallowe'en is the Beat Generation holiday
I remember seeing a neighbor kid dressed
as a beatnik in the late 50s
I've been Beat ever since
In 1978 I was a punk priest

 Subliminal hands
waved me down 
as I approached my train

 Come inside to see
haunted second-hand stuff

 Set this up on someone's doorstep
ring the doorbell and scram
maybe light it on fire first
That will trick-or-treat them

 Costume for a tea-party girl

 I'd rather go to
 the Vampires' 
cocktail party

Quantified aggression 

Tall woman in leggings
with a bag of bananas

A sinister busride

 Haunted frame shop
on College avenue

 Alongside the sidewalk 

 Ancestral portraiture

 Happens every year
giant killer robots
head downtown

 Double reflection
 baffling even to
a double-visioned Flaneur

 Every square foot of pavement
is a type of crypt

Drive-by tunnel vision
in haunted Oakland

October 2016

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