Monday, October 17, 2016

Oakland Around the Clock

Trafficking in margins and nuance

microcosmic glass

 A perplexing world
of reflection, refraction
and prismatic action

Time to wind off
on a tangent

Searched the world
and found myself,
let God's gift
open your chakras

Young cat sitting
next to me on the nod

He's really asleep
may God bless him

 Skull Cafe

Another cat on the 18,
he had a splendid silk shirt
with tropical nightclub designs

Lorin district

The Fat Fish
making me hungry
but I got a date

Scary dentist office

She said I was 
a real Yogi

Not so hungry now, though

looking washed-out 
these days

The Laundrymat, that is
not the nation's capitol

Black Rep theater
glitter-painted wall

Bleached poster

Another wall
for y'all

A happening

Bright and remotely 
cloudy day
at the Port

A pleasure cruise
finding its groove
on The Potomac

Under some tents
on the lawn
festivity going on

A bluesy band led by
an electric cello
She's cellist with 
Oakland Symphony

Slide guitar and distortion-rich
electric cello,
A great sound and they could 
really play naturally,
Her singing while fine
was not on a par 
with her playing

But that was another 

Circling back
winding up back
where we started from
where downtown meets uptown

New building
makes you feel

Where we left
our cosmic wheels

October 2016 

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