Thursday, October 13, 2016

Patti Smith: Evidentiary Material IV


Bootlegs, B-sides, out-takes, alternate takes
Punk  apocrypha and ephemera
for the fanatic and for the neophyte

You know what your daddy said, Patti?
he said, he said, he said
Sixty days ago she was my little girl
now there she is with a gun in her hand
Hey, Joe

The fourth and final chapter
in our Patti Smith
exposition and saga

We are floating

Jesus died for somebody's sins

 Before the rhinoplasty

 I kid Patti,
her nose was never that big

 Patti's Pads

 Talisman, sacred fetishes
and brainiac amours

 Beauty will be convulsive
or not at all 
Andre Breton

The artist will be obsessive 
or not at all,

 Proof of struggle, stigmata
and accompanying occultation

 Back in age of rock mags
information was otherwise hard to find
Patti her bad self wrote for several and
William S. Burroughs wrote
a regular column for Crawdaddy

 I've got these two myself
my "A Rock and Roll Star" 45
 is the more scarce and desirable US release,
US record companies were so nasty
they put out only small numbers of 45s with
pictorial sleeves then switched to generic

"Ask the Angels" has the PSG version
of "Time Is On My Side"
on the flip-side

 "We like bootlegs,"
I think that's what
sings Patti at the end of Birdland on
 Teenage Perversity and Ships in the Night
the LP in the middle on which someone
has redrawn the lost cover sheet

Here's my copy 
with the cover sheet
loosely inserted

 Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti
A book Guise and Dolls recently published
combines their works with contemporary Andy Warhol,
Bob Colacello just had a memoir in Vanity Fair
spilling what Warhol actually thought of Robert



 Patti in action
actually for a San Francisco
 bookstore signing gig

 Recent posters from foreign tours
reprint images of the same
old wild barn-stormer

 The red button below
traffics in that old cartoon

 Not very impressive button collection
Three are PSG issues which
 they'd toss to the crowd
The others are knock-off junk


Patti's worn-out Rimbaud shirt
Her various incarnations
from High school prom to Shaman

 Patti is too much of an artist
to be reduced to a show-biz cliche
aware of  the metamorphosis
needed for a long life in music

 A Chaplinesque
chiaroscuro image
around 1978

 Late period Patti Smith Group
her apparent squeeze filled in
 for Richard Sohl on that tour

 Root Connection
exhibition taking place
at illustrious Mills College

 A librarian here Robert Byars
donated his butterfly collection 


after a long chrysalis,
wool gathering in woodshed

Things are goon happen fast
and you're not gonna get all of them

Patti became
a Buddhist professional mourner
sitting at Ginsberg's
death bedside

dark matter
comprises most
of the universe

comprises most  
of the mind

Guitar pick
horse photo badge
Rock n Rimbaud
the Hermann Hesse Museum


those dusty old fair grounds again

Some strange music
draws me in
makes me come on
like some heroine

14 September 2016

Patti sings "Wild Leaves" 

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