Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strolling Oakland: Downtown Heading South

 Druidic portent,
O Stoned, look high

A hidden ruins, a world of wonder, all on the way home 

 Building security guard emerged afterward,
Just reading about people 
Hassled for taking photos in public places

 Check-in counter
At the Sunblock Hotel

 Flip city carpet

   Wee Willie Winkie schlept here

Edifices cross the street
Some still in use,
Relics of Oakland's past

 The towering sign of the old
Swan's marketplace

 Re-purposed now,
People live in pads on the second floor,
Perfect for the exhibitionistic


 Totebag and Taboo,
Manage your day 'til dark

 Swans market gone all artisanal

 A camouflaged market exists in this building
Entrance around back
Looters stop there for beer

Here's where we cross the street

 Can't say I approve of this den of vice,
It creates a bellicose vibe on weekend nights
Liege, how pretentious

 I peer in windows of shops,
Does that make the Flaneur a voyeur?

Windows tell 
The second story of the world

The Flaneur bringing it all back home

May 2015

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