Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Week in Grooveland

$2000 a month for a tiny studio and all I got was this rad t-shirt

The Flaneur makes the most 
out of the constant theater of chance encounter

Grand Lake to Downtown

 Now I know what to wear to the Ball at the the Bee Hive,
Rent to own, baby

 There was a war with Spain?
Who knew?
Not very surprising, they're so annoying,
Like when I see a film by Almodovar
Everyone seems to be chewing the scenery

 Water mysteriously issuing from the legs of a figure,
It was like an image from the films of Luis Bunuel,
This isn't Belgium after all

 The new BART entrance at 19th and Broadway,
From the window of a passing 12 bus


 Uptown is in order,
Except when you get to Latham Square,
Where a lengthy archaeological dig is in progress

Alameda Bus Stop

 Always plenty of diversions in this town, even today

 Back when it was a real Navy town though,
A girl good make some serious ice
 Working the sidewalk on Fleet week

O Glove,
Alameda has a roots rock tradition

 Just like in most other places,
Guys spend a lot of time choking chicken

Close to Home

 The local Necronomicon news outlet,
Keeps us abreast of the impending
Extraterrestrial biological horrors

European Oakland,
I often have smoked under yon spreading boughs,
Afterward I feel like this little man in the trees

 I don't approve of this place either
Another loud and menacing nightclub
With burly unsmiling security bouncers

 Had thought about a Saturday Ferry ride around Angel Island,
But it got cooler again after a few brief warm days,
Wind visible on the water
The marine layer just discernible in the West

 Cool my dogs in the water off the public dock,
Saw this moter yacht come in,
Kind of high in the water,
From Washington state I notice

Stop and salute on Flag day,
Keep making more war and
You make more prisoners of war
Sure hope they don't water-board or anything

May 2015

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