Monday, June 22, 2015

Strolling Sunday Solstice

Ferry heading to Alameda,
Big cargo ship parked off the Port,
A lot going on today

Plenty of sunshine for the longest day of the year, 
the Flaneur stays close to home this Summer

Here comes Summertime

 Hmm, something's missing,
Can't quite put my finger on it...

 OK, here it comes...

Takes a good captain...

 Coming in to port...

 Coming in, coming in....

 Safe harbor

Evening's Approach

 Ever ask yourself, Who am I?
How did I land here?

 Seems like it's been daylight since yesterday

 The Ramadan moon,
Everything else tries to look nondescript

 Here comes this place,

In distorting glass,
Another figment of the pre-fab faux future


 Another well-preserved nobody-home,
A Jewish wedding was going on in Preservation park,
A private affair on formerly public streets

Lawyers doing very well in the "Recovery,"
Mazel tov!

 Quietude at the farm museum

 The lonely June twilight

 Garden in the fading light of Solstice

Darkness gathered in the looming tree-limbs

 A rose glowed out of the darkness

 Pressing on, pressing on

On the radio today, Le Show reported
On a video of a Moldovan exorcist
Riding a possessed man like  a donkey,
That cross should fall and impale him

 You walk and walk,
You get past all that

 Otherwise you're just
One more person bugging

 The Flower,
The art brute sign painter

 Cosmology of Solstice
Mars and Jupiter emerge

Right on Oakland,
We don't give up the fight

 Looking sort of "far left"
For engineers and scientists

  Peace unto them

 Dragon City,
Chinatown noir

Having come full circle
We conclude in darkness

21 June 2015

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