Friday, June 26, 2015

Notes in English (after Rimbaud)

the burial turns into a burlesque
a burgher burbles bunkum
bunny caught in the bunting

canny canines found cannabis on the premises
to cannibalize a cantata
canoodle under a canopy of canon law
a canvas cantor
cantilever the cantankerous

the grocer was grisly and grim
the groom became groggy
his gray matter grid-locked
grimaces as his groin is groped

the riff-raff are rigid with rickets
unfit for the rickshaw
a riding crop rids one of ridicule
riflemen solve most riddles

I twigged the twilight zone
 Bought a turntable and twill slacks
tweed jacket and a turtleneck
 and went turquoise twenty-four seven
I looked twee
a twinkle on the tusk of my twin
twang not the twaddle on TV

April-June 2015

Arthur Rimbaud lived for a time in England in a pas de deux with Paul Verlaine.  He made notes using words and phrases in English to learn the language. The notes were intuitively poetical.
This inspired my Surrealist parlour game in which a dictionary is opened at random to two pages en face and a small note or poem is derived using words predominantly from the two pages as dictated by objective chance and the free play of words and imagination.

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