Sunday, June 7, 2015

Inside The Newman Center

 This Madonna offers peace and solace 
To young and old who come here to pray,
I am both

 A centrifuge in a garden nearby

 The startling crucifix over the altar
Oblique brutalist concrete planes
 Intersecting everywhere

 traditional ecclesiastical embroidery
Ancient sacred hearaldry

 Christ's last view from the cross,
Incipient awakening for all

 Alcove of devotion,
The Virgin of Guadalupe

 Another heraldic needlepoint of obscure import

 Candles extend our prayers,
Some troubled soul has flung molten wax
Across this peaceful symbol of consolation

 The Tabernacle with Perpetual Lamp

 Your Love is King
Crown you in my Heart

Gospel here is read
In searching readings of moderate length,
Made lucid by the words of the homily

6 June 2015

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