Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tragedy in Berkeley

The Flaneur just passed by the location where
a balcony collapsed early morning on Tuesday
killing six young people five from Eire


Representatives of Ireland and of the Irish-American community
Laid wreathes with the Irish flag Wednesday night
Catholic prayers were said by a large turn-out of mourners

 I known a number of young Irish residents of the Bay area over the years,
They are usually funny, sweet, and attractive,
and yes, they like having the craic

 I looked at the photographs on the shrine for only a few seconds.
 Stopped a short distance away and made the sign of the cross 
To pray for their souls 
To pray for their poor sad families, almost weeping myself


Library Gardens
Last night I heard on KPFA radio that the builders immediately sold it 
To an absentee investor who hired another firm to manage the building,
I saw it built from the clear vantage point of the windows of the Library .
Like a lot of contemporary construction, it looked flimsy to me
Like they were using pressed-board, plywood, and matchsticks,
A high rate of tenant complaints to the housing office is reported

18 June 2015

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