Monday, June 29, 2015

The Old Neighborhood

Channing Way near Bowditch

Not nostalgia more like memory half-erased

 Kaleidoscopic doors to the past

This has been here longer than I have,
And we're tired of waiting

 Behind this dentist's office on the second floor in back, 
Ray and Lucy dwelt therein from 1980 to 1984,
Visited by many a poet, artist and musician and a few scientists,
And by a few uninvited kooks as well 
I listed the address in my anarcho-surrealist zine,
A guy calling himself Duchamp rang looking for the office

 The Founders Rock indeed


 An old time Buddhist church down the street,
I went  inside once, they were very cool,
No one offered to shake my frontal extremity

Oneness in the Nembutsu

Sitar army at the crossroads,
Berkeley is a multicultural dynamo

If you can still find a parking space
for your cyanide pie-mobile

June 2015

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