Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nosing Around Berkeley in June

The Flaneur sees all, the banal and the miraculous,
 Joy and woe are woven fine

 Another consciousness expanding garden
The bees and I are out scouting buds
On the first day of June

 It's been chill
Temperatures in the low range of seasonal,
Clouds and a stiff breeze

 This longtime street artist just had a gallery show,
Not everyone it seems is a fan

 Mail Art cows in Berkeley?

 Bee friend


 The Dorje Doorway
Where a bhikkhu bodhi paused

 The noble Berkeley public library,
Communications central


 This is the dream where the landlord puts me out
And I still have my tall bookshelves and huge library,
In civic center park I wonder what to do next

A temporary temple of free books
For the Book festival this weekend
(Lacuna means like a big daddy surfer)

Is someone at the door, darling?

 It's just those tie-dyed hydrangeas 
That show up every year

 When I stopped on a public sidewalk
To capture an image of this Dharma wheel
They sent a black security guard
 To knock loudly on the window

The Berkeley book festival,
 Intuitive pow wows take place,
Kids know how by instinct

"A raiment for the soul divine"- William Blake

June 2015


Glenn Ingersoll said...

By the time I got to the lacuna late Sunday afternoon the shelves were little more than lucunae.

I did get to a couple FREE panels at the Book Fest, and they were excellent. Sadly, most of the FREE events were SOLD OUT.

RAY MAN said...

I noted the scarcity of books Sunday--& congratulated myself for conquering my addiction