Friday, June 12, 2015

The Morcom Amphitheater of Roses

The flower-mad Flaneur revisits a landscape of the past 
blooming in the nowsville

 It's a location with multiple names

 The nomenclature I prefer

 As day-tripper and as night-tripper both,
I enjoyed these premises fairly often years ago

Looking down at the waterworks,
Everything seems to be at the mercy 
Of the California drought

 A group of young boys 
Roamed about in small bands

 They were like sprites
Appearing in motion and gone again from sight

 The kingdom of an afternoon

 A group of six or seven boys
Came running past me in pure exuberance,
The littlest one kept looking back to see my smile,
He was cartoon cute and beyond


 Close up

 Strange green of the pond
 Beyond the oaks

 digital conceptualization
creates a meta-reality

 Wooden Figure,
found earth art assemblage

 I was struck with vicarious grandfatherly affection
By this young mother and daughter on the bus home
I took a candid just as a memento, too shy
 To ask her for a shot of her lovely hair in the sunlight

When the little girl nodded
 I summoned the courage,
Gratitude to this very cool lady,
That's their bike outside the front windshield

11 June 2015

Too little rain again this year,
The roses are crisp-ed and seer,

It's too soon, it's too soon
The roses are crisp-ed in June

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