Sunday, May 31, 2015

From the Window of a Passing Bus

A Flaneur is defined by walking 
but he also avails himself of public transit to reach various points.
Gradually the things one sees everyday become sacred.

 Playing field on Linda

 The Black Swan bookstore

 Elementary school on Piedmont avenue

Turning onto Pleasant Valley
Before we reach the cemetery end of the street

Temple of memory and the opposite of memory

 Flower riot in someone's front garden on Pleasant Valley

 Near an intersection of Shattuck avenue

 The Black Repertory Theater on Adeline

Ashby and MLK
The theater of every day life*

Playing field,
Martin Luther King in Berkeley

Berkeley High School playing field

* reproduced with the permission of 
Dada and Surrealism in the the 20th Century 
Extends from Man Ray to Ray Man

31 May 2015

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