Friday, June 5, 2015

Plant Life

Butterfly weather at last

Le Flaneur sleepin' the sun 
How you gonna get a day's work done?

Some Flowers

 The home team, California poppies

 The mind-blowing blossom of the day

 Christo Redemptor

 A field of blue fingers

 Orange, green, purple, yellow, orange


 The colors

 The textures

Sleepin, in the shade,
How you gonna get
A nickle made?

 These trumpets are peaking

 Original dream machine sidewalk

 Baby wants something,
wants to score
poppies, yeah

 The future of the California garden lies here


 The true color fuchsia

Some Trees

 Blue tree

 A veritable piney wood

 Black, girl, black girl,
Don't you lie to me
Tell me where
Did you spend last night?

 In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun near shines
And you shiver
When the cold wind blows

Horizontal mojo

can't forget the trees
In Lakeside Park

4 June 2015

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