Friday, June 19, 2015

Elmwood Sidewalk Gardens

A day last week when the chilly clouds were here

 Barely enough sun light
To run the solar speed-o-meter

This is a mysterious water tank owned by PG&E
 People who live alongside it their whole lives
Have never walked here
Only the more intrepid neighborhood youths,
Need he mention that the Flaneur has walked here?

 In pursuit of fuschia

 Talking sidewalk gardens

 You got to get down with it

 These babies have brio

 Me and the bee 
Love every fleeting moment of life

 A home apparently fit for a Babylonian king

 I could die in delicacy now

 This color called me across the street

 I wouldn't even tell you the name of the street

Gardens help keep happy the home,
Enliven modern life's interiority complex

June 2015

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