Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Day on the Bay with RAY

What was yesterday?  
a dream we dreamed long ago
For the Flaneur it's a recurring one,
Indulge him if you are free


 Looks like my ride's here

 Shipping is big business at the Port of Oakland
Last year stevedores joined with demonstrators
To prevent the unloading of a Israeli ship

 Choppy waters denote stiff wind
But the air is sun-hot so it's not too cold

 Here we are again

Fisherman's Wharf Today

This sour dough bakery is popular with tourists,
They have dressed a bread made in the shape of a crocodile
In the triumphalist emblemata of corporate sports

 Face of the weather-beaten wharf

 There are many accurate historical displays
And interesting artifacts galore hereabout
This bogus pirate stuff obviously not withstanding

 Now this is a display of living history

They sell live Dungeness crabs too

 Skulls of sea and shore animals

 The venerable National Park visitor center

 Today I'm bound for the little beach 
Alongside the Hyde Street Pier

Hyde Street Pier 
Petit Dejeuner

It's a lovely place to spend time
Alone with a snowy egret

 An endlessly pleasant perspective

 Gentle visitors enjoying the Pier 
With it's historical demonstrations

The wind is often persistent here
This close to the Golden Gate
This little cove is sheltered 
By the windward fences and screens
of the swimming and boating clubs

 A boy came scurrying underneath

 Bravely entering the cold saltwater
In their little wet suits

Look into the glass onion

Go into the cold water

The water goes away again,
Leaves me buried in the sand

One contented sea-cat

A Round Trip

Time to rejoin the parade

Captain Trips is in the Wax Museum,
After his cremation Mill Valley was wrecked,
A white wax simulacrum of the King of Pop,
Now that's verisimilitude

Time to go back
Out on the water again,
Leave you land-loving women alone

The building on the left is the Blue and Gold dock
Over it rises Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower, North Beach, very, very high rents
To the right the high-rise financial district downtown,
Then at a distance the buildings of Nob Hill, with its astronomical rents,
Lastly, Russian Hill which you need be a Russian oligarch to afford

There is still a very brilliant side to San Francisco,
And there's a definite dark side

Well, there's the bridge,
Oakland awaits us with open arms

Bay Ship Sail By


so slowly descends
 a squadron of pelicans
the long day goes on

23 June 2015

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