Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Random Berkeley

 Let's check out Haas pavilion

 The Flaneur, man about town, exhibits some images of what went down

Sports Chalk

 Hall of illustrious twentieth-century athlete-scholars



 I used to attend a lot of baseball games here
I would cheer for both teams 
Drawing quizzical notice from the partisans

Stars of track and field you are,
Stars of track and field you are,

Stars of track and field are beautiful people

Stadium trees,
Long may they stand

Homoerotic glade,
Companion piece to the saphic nyad 
In a hollow up the creak

Downertown Berkeley

Protest chanty in front of the central post office,
It's always there,
People are not always there

Enough to make you play the blues

Sometimes you eat the mushrooms...

Sometimes the bear eats you

Mercantile Berkeley

Remember this program?
About an old queen from Mars,
He moves in with a cute earth guy 
Who doesn't he's queer yet

A sporty aesthetic prevails indoors and out

So act free, 
and try to be

The Hand of Fate,
Picks me and knocks me down again

The Floral Horizon

White wisteria,
Enhancing to inhale,
Lovely to behold 

How can you tell a natural redhead?

Color junkies unite

March 2015

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