Saturday, March 21, 2015

Batman Roundabout

Red turns to green

Niche Berkeley

The Flaneur lived nearby for many years and walked here countless times

The places you see everyday become sacred to you. When you move aware and come back there is an echo of this. You remember when you felt it more, but there has been a red shift in the light from that that system of stars
My pad on Woolsey had a lot of shade and
here there sunny benches to read, write and otherwise enjoy
Batman Street so re-named by denizens
has a legacy of counter-cultural legacy

  The Bohemian front garden of  a ceramicist sculptor

 A thicket of flowers 
A fairytale for children
 With a suitably storybook house

 Severe lines of this imposing house
Suggest pilgrim settlers
Witchcraft in the family cupboard

 Threshold of a wooden dwelling place on Batman

 I took a little detour on my way from the Claremont library 
To the natural foods supermarket
To try to see if I could run into a friend who probably still lives here
She helped to record God Nose at KPFA studio in the late 1990s
Lately I listen to her midnight radio program
Last saw her ten years ago when she took me
to see Bob Dylan play at the Paramount
It was the first time I thought he was slightly boring

 There's no bakery and no cafe here
Nor was there ever
They must dig the sign though once in a while
They can avoid hitting it with their car

 Red is the new green

These flowers around my ankles
Were like Aztec bells

March 2015

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