Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter's End, Marginalia

a seagull ruckus
over starbucks coffee shop
with blown-out windows

everyday life
the crests of towering clouds
some avoid looking

The Blessed Mother stands at the end
of the corridor of mannikins
that beat themselves up
and bemoan their lack of grace
Mary of course is herself full of it

hummingbird in the rain
works its way up a trellis
of bougainvillea

the smudgy moonrise
furtive racoon and offspring 
vast city center

I come forward
from my rocking chair
skeined with theatrics
to continue the poem without end

diadems reach the same shores
the same conclusions

up front on the bus
a cross of ashes
on her young forehead

senses my awareness
in back of her mind
a bus seat behind

when someone missed Mass
seeking blessing seeking grace
we shared our ashes

pariah par excellence
parsed in the parish register

Moellering Field
benediction from a passing bus

middle aged awake
lies in the long green grass
one cloudy weekday

vehicular atavism

broad parkscapes at the Port of Oakland
well maintained but lightly visited
today the scene of a momentous drag race
we drive past in a 1967 VW bus

No race on at the time
mildly resentful looks
unintelligible comments
leather jacket toughs near choppers

theorhetorically speaking

significant trees
and watery breeze
are my realities

no screen at home
no library today
patterns of sunlight

the side of a ship
crisscross ripple effect
worrisome warm weather

sun goes behind a cloud
naturalism responds
to no jacket on

walking on the water surfaces
naturalism responds
with another dreary fact

December 2014-March 2015

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