Saturday, April 4, 2015

RAY Ships Out Good Friday

Accompany RAY man, also known as the Berkeley Flaneur,
 on a familiar route that's never routine,


 I wonder if this is part of the Christo retrospective?

...maybe not,
Despite uncertainty
One sails on

 Later in the day,
 I saw one of these containers,
Cross Broadway on a bright yellow truck

 Wake Island command, baby,

 A fleet of kayaks
Undertakes its attack

 Onward, passing an orange-painted ship

 The magnificent North Bay
Where I spend my days

Sometimes the boundary
Between the actual and the imaginary
Can become somewhat indistinct

 The beach was jewel-like
I walked in up to me knees,
Five degrees warmer and the sand 
Would be a great deal more popular


 My top-ranking nautical phantasmagoria

 Another side of San Francisco

 Some residents tried to move away
But looked back on Sodom and Gomorrorah
One last time 
And are compelled to remain forever

 Hiding along the Bunny trail
Easter's on its way

 An astonishing object

Hours of intense focus
In an ever expanding world
Of sea and sky

 A white whale ready to be rendered

JACK SPICER (1925-1965)
The Flaneur has long been aware 
of the poet Jack Spicer's connection to Aquatic park
He hung out here with baseball on a transistor radio,
Remembered despite the strange vital statistics
Beat-looking "twenty year old,"
He was pushing forty in this photo.

The Return Voyage

 Bluejeans were famously invented in San Francisco
They make your ass look hip even if it's not
But nothing's considered more square than the "wrong jeans"

 Waiting to get under way

 Not many boats out on a mild day on the Bay

 Off we go

 Friday rush hour

 San Francisco at the closing of the day

3 April 2015

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