Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Wondering if you are aware of this Jimi Hendrix bio-pic with Andre 3000 in the title role.
They were denied use of Jimi's recording so it was hobbled to begin with,
The next blunder was to fabricate a scene where Jimi smacks his bitch up.
This never happened.
They  dramatize a story that appears in only one sleazy biography whose authors later disowned it;
this was despite clear denials from all other biographers, and from the girlfriend in question--Hutchinson is her name I believe.
This is wanton damage to his reputation included no doubt at the insistence of investors who wanted more lurid action. Such reckless lack of responsibility to the facts.
It reminds me of the willful inaccuracy in Selma
though it is not nearly as insidiously damaging.
Hendrix reputation will recover but how many people will get the false idea
that LBJ was only a reluctant supporter or an active opponent of the movement for Negro civil rights.
I grew up with LBJ and he was president when my revolution took place in 1966.
Meaning I blamed him for Viet Nam and was glad to see the back of him when he resigned.
So I don't look at his role in civil rights as an uncritical supporter of him.
But he was more important to the civil rights cause as a man than even  MLK was.
I say that because even if MLK was killed at the start of it all the movement would have continued without him.
But only LBJ, only LBJ, could have gotten civil rights legislation through Congress.
He was an extremely intimidating operator who knew every secret and where every dollar was for every Southern Democrat .
People forget that the racist South was Democrat in those days.
Only Johnson could have made them swallow that medicine
and he deserves credit not a stupid attempt to feed us and them bias.
Black kids should learn that powerful white men sometimes help them too.
It also gives credit to the current African American president whose ascent was made possible by MLK's and LBJ's success, to acknowledge that a president of his party did great things for his people.
  The unwholesome effect of the distortion is somewhat similar to  that dull crappy Lincoln by Spielberg.
He decided to have abolitionist Connecticut opposing ending slavery!
Guess he thought it made it look like more a more exciting horse race.
The good people of that state protested loudly, but commerce prevails.
  Spielberg refused to change it, a calumny and the insult stands.
(from an email)

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