Friday, March 6, 2015

Lenten Walk on Holy Hill

The Flaneur's thoughts turn to representations of religious faith
 with humor and solemnity.

 The Graduate Theological Union
On Walpurgis night defrocked proctors parade past 
Aimless ghosts under the rattling leaves

Boutique theology,
 There's a Starr King waiting in the sky,
He'd like to take us with him,
But he thinks he'd blow our minds

 Cracks and fissures, both actual and figurative
began to show in many religious institutions

 Nondescript, non-denominational,
This modest steeple forms the emblem of Holy Hill,
The city of Berkeley drives past it

 Many today expect to earn heaven on the back end

Come on up to the house
Some feel that urge

 The door, ersatz ancient 
The shad casts expressionistic shadows

 The view West from Holy Hill
A good place for silence, solitude, and contemplation

 A bagel from a bakery on Gilman street,
My simple Lenten fare with water

 This all occurred to me at 
The Pacific School of Religion

 I continued on toward a small Anglican chapel
Where the Flaneur in the past attended vespers

 Everything is sort of mock-medaevil

AAn icon of Mary wears Rosary beads,
Anglicans may I remind the reader

"He's Got the Whole World In His hands" on a picture disc
 Yet at least the chapel kept open
For pilgrims who climb here be-sandaled

 I shall dwell all my days at the table of the Lord

 The time to resume one's burden
 In appearance only as secular saint



 A evanescent painting of The Crucifiion
In the Theological library,
Where I first read the Gospel of Thomas

 The  Crown of Thorns and the scourge,
The Cross, the nails and the spear
Christ's Passion resides in our hearts

4 March 2015

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