Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Arts Passage

An opening--something about which to crow

Can you locate this Neo Dada arcade by the clues included herein?

 Charcoal Mirror

"Open Secret"
Kind of underwhelming idea,
Nice execution

 Concrete Birdcage

 The Passage continues on to another street

 Exhausted Sausages

Tight Fit
Do you suppose a man or a woman made this?

 Rogues' Gallery
A sneaking sense that they are ridiculing men
Connected to the venerable KALA institute
I showed an artwork there long ago
Curated by a rather witchy Euro lady, Ursula

 Family Meal, 
Large work on what may be paper
Or perhaps it's on buffalo hide

If you guessed that it was right across from this place 
you'd be correct

March 2015

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