Monday, March 2, 2015

Garden Centering

The Flaneur discovers another lobe
to the sprawling gardens at Lakeside Park.

 It was a Sunday afternoon at nearly two

 With my special effects goggles on,
 A hummingbird drinks a drop of water
Suspended in mid-air

 The world is ever wonderous

 Wonder what lies behind
Yon curtain of trumpet-vine?

 A sub-tropical region of the imagination

 Flowers of a different kind

 I smell sex and kandy, yeah

 Wrap your troubles up in dreams

 A guy was making watercolors of this flower
They were like designs for dull wallpaper
He squawked when my shadow crossed his easel

 The hour has come 
Bid the Garden Center adieu

The Flaneur will return again
To this newly discovered bench
And the good times that surround

22 February 2015

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