Monday, March 30, 2015

Palm Sunday


Where to look for the Flaneur on Holy Week--in the presence of the Lord

Palm Sunday begins Holy Week joyously
It was the day that Jesus came in Jerusalem
Crowds welcomed him with palm fronds

Let's go inside...

Christ the King,
Blessed is he who comes unto Him

Centuries of sacred design led
To this bright and breezy Space

Tenebrous airs filled the church
As the choir practiced for their busy schedule,
Holy Week culminates in Easter Sunday

The sacred songs helped to lift me to a prayerful level,
Meditating on the Crucifixion,
The Twelfth Station of the Cross

Everything leads to the Easter,
To Resurrection and to Redemption,
There is no death

Outside, the ever-changing world has changed again,
People abound on a beautiful day

As the full moon follows the Vernal Equinox,
All beings celebrate renewal

29 March 2015

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