Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oakland Miscellany

A new room to sleep in

The Flaneur's wanderings about the City
Captures images and  epiphanies

The Great Wall of Chinatown

The Oakland Department of Justice
Some might say "just us",
People await court machinations after dark

Looking all the way down Eighth street
Note noble Tamalpais,
A new day, a Friday--farmer's market

Fatties pack a punch,
Odd how only grapefruit among citrus
Is counter-indicated with certain medicine

Ain't no more cane on the Brassos

An admirable yet terrifying prospect,
The Chinese omnivore

Profound color in the city center

Everybody digs this wedding cake castle,
We'll meet its cousin after a while

The clock came back the very next year,
Albeit not running yet


I thrive on color
Like a good pollinator should

This is as far as we ramble today,
before we get our architecture confused

Now to hightail  back
All the way down Broadway,
This whole town's filled with sin

God bless Vespucciland

Apparent sensory phenomena
Various levels and dimensions

 Delirium and delight
Another day, another dream 

The Great Wall of Chinatown II
(with flash)


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