Monday, March 30, 2015

Port Saturday

 Art installation, 
Early work by Richard Serra, I think

 The Flaneur locates the extraordinary amid the ordinary

 Industrial landscape, 
de Chirico-like when shadows lengthen at dusk

 The sun flexes its muscles
I must retreat a while into the shade

 Another day at the Port of Oakland,
There's a ship under repair at Bay Ship
Wrapped up like a Christo, 
I planto sail close by it in a few days

 The Flaneur fearlessly faces his phantom public
F.y., NSA surveillance state

Vehicular police presence duly noted,
Let's see if I can get closer

 Wow, weird...

 Capote once said,"Take a point off your IQ
for every year that you live in California,"
My rejoinder was, that's OK I have plenty to spare,
It can seem a bit dumb around here sometimes

 But that's why we love it

A train goes by,
The bus is coming,
The air is bright,
It's not a bad life 

28 March 2015

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